Easy Mocap




1, Buy Easy Mocap include?

Including the software itself, driven, tutorial examples, and with the software upgrade service.

2, Purchase to pay process is?

Buy> download the software> to confirm payment> returns the machine code and user name> to provide registration code. Contact Us

3, What hardware / cost?

Cost is very small, do not need one month's salary for animators can have. Capture system with our add a Kinect 3D camera, single human that can identify the full range of whole body!

4, Which Kinect camera need?

There are two types

Microsoft Kinect camera, A is connected with the power to the computer via USB, B is the XBOX console without power dedicated camera. We choose the A.

5, What are the limits to use?

Our products, do not wear special clothes, no matter how thick clothes to wear any clothing can be captured in real time, do not the calibration, do not specific environment and light!

6, The range of motion capture?

Capture space: indoor 5 square meters.with more than 2 square meters can not hinder the activities. Capture distance: 2 meters to 10 meters, you can move around freely during capture.

7, The body angle to capture it?

Captures body gestures, movement and stability, smooth, accurate to the millimeter. Body 360 degrees, turn, sideways, back can be captured.

8, what version of 3DS MAX requirements?

2010, 2011 version. Win7, right click on 3DS MAX-Properties - Compatibility - Select a compatibility mode: Windows XP, disable visual themes, captures and more smoothly.

9, motion capture step?

I. Connected Kinect camera and power supply. II. Start EasyMocap software. III. Open 3DS MAX Sample document. IV. Clicks MAX tools - "Easy Mocap"button - Click "Test"button. V. To the front of the camera lens to align the body, identify the bones began to capture! video sample