Easy Mocap



Easy Mocap 3.3

Multiple users simultaneously motion capture, multi-joint bending, no calibration,Support Poser、DAZ3D、3DsMAX、MAYA、MotionBuilder、XSI、C4D.Recording character animation and export BVH、BIP、FBX、DAE files.We epoch-making technology, expertise for your low-cost motion capture solution!

Our advantages

Traditional motion capture

Too many devices, configure complex. Require repeated calibration, but also wear special tight clothing also posted a lot of points of light, lots of cameras to capture high prices, or not real-time capture.

Our products

Our products, do not wear special clothes, no matter how thick clothes to wear any clothing can be captured in real time, do not the calibration, do not specific environment and light!
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Price advantage

Traditional motion capture

Traditional motion capture system facilities, and at least ten million. Division of labor need to people, commissioning and maintenance expensive.

Our products

Cost is very small, do not need one month's salary for animators can have. Capture system with our add a Kinect 3D camera, single human that can identify the full range of whole body!